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    considered the fastest-growing constructed language, ahead of other languages such as Esperanto and ▓Tolkien's Elvish which grew from the literary classic Lord of the Rings. Even Google has created a search en▓gine in the language which can be found at google▓.com/intl/xx-klingon. The Twitter application has been created as part of a campaign to promote

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    the Star Trek Online or massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) which was developed by Cryptic Studios and hits stores in February next year. The tweetinklingon.com site

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    was a collaboration between Cryptic Stud▓ios and Friend2Friend. The site offers English to Klingon translations and tweets are automatically ▓hash-tagged and linked to an English-conversi

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    on ▓URL. Museum displays 500 years of robotsMuseum displays 500 years of robotsMuseum displays 500 years of robots02-09-2017 07:42 BJTWhy do humans bu▓ild machines that resem

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    ble them, and what does that say about us? To find out, a London exhibition that opened on Tuesday surveys 500 years of simple to sophisticated robots.Take, for ins

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    tance, a walking and praying monk from the 16th century or a▓ cartoonlike humanoid avatar that helps children with autis▓m today. They and 100 other robots on display at the Science Museum chart an evolution of machines that▓ fascinate and terrify."One of the big issues with doing a ▓show like this is people's preconceptions that robots come in, they destroy the world and they▓ enslave us all," lead curator

    Ben Russell ▓said."One of the advantages of taking a long view of robo▓ts, as we have done, is that you realize a lot of ▓these concerns have been with us for a very, very l▓ong time," he added.However, he dismissed such fe▓ars as overblown and said humans would prove "m▓uch more adaptive".One premise of the exhibition is that studying robots is a good way to learn what society was like at any given point.A monk statue built during th

    e 16th century on behalf of King Phili▓p II of Spain was designed to impress. It is able to pra▓y, walk across a table while moving its lips and rai▓se a crucifix.A stunning silver swan from 1773 moves with grace, thanks to three separate clockwork mechanisms.Science fiction has fed for more than a century on fears that humans might be overtaken by the machines they create, and t▓he robotization that is inc

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    reasingly a part of everyday l▓ife still stirs up debate.Artificial intelligence has also divided the scientific community, with renown▓ed physicist Stephen Hawking saying that AI could be "either the best, or the worst thing, ever to happen to huma▓nity".Please scan the QR Code to follow us on Instagra▓mPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatA driv

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    erless taxi has been unveiled which could make traffic jams, pet▓rol fumes and crowded buses a thing of the past.The futuristic pod has no driver, and no opinionated chatter to accompany your journey,▓ but instead a button set in the wall with the w▓ord 'start' written beside it.The four-seater cab was unveiled at the Science Museum in London▓ yesterday and will be in use from next year taking ▓passengers

    between car parks and Terminal 5.The man behind▓ the mission, Professor Martin Lowson, who has a background in space travel and worked on the Saturn V Rocket, said: 'They could have the same effect on transport this century as the rocket had on the 19th.'The bubble-shaped taxis are battery-powered and passengers select their destination from a touch screen. They can reach speeds o▓f up to 25mph and would travel along thei▓r own narro

    w road system.Sustainable food production▓ looking upSustainable food production looking upSustainable food production looking up05-08-2017 07:13 BJTA laboratory worker in full biohazard gea▓r is patrolling rows of rainbow colored LED-lit shelves. The shelves stand about 2 meters and have six levels, each containing trays of lettuce saplings bathing underneath the light, and the room is illum▓inated in a p